Butane Torchs – A Powerful Tool For Making Crème Brulee?

Still undecided whether to buy a butane torch to make Crème Brulee? In fact, besides the propane flame, the best refillable butane torch can have unexpected effects when it comes to igniting pastries in your lovely kitchen area. Let’s go through some important information in this article and make the best decision to make the perfect cake.

Can Any Torch Be Used To Make Creme Brulee?

In theory, any torch could technically provide the energy to enhance the flavor of a crème Brulee. But to deliver the best flame and help the cake burn evenly, a cooking torch will be a priority for any cook.

If you’ve ever heard someone say that small kitchen torches won’t have enough power to support the process of making crème Brulee, you’ll have to change that opinion. Actually, that fire is hot enough and gives you desirable results – great color and great taste for your sweet cakes.

But, what’s the difference between propane and butane torch?

The baker can use both torches, depending on the eater’s request. If one wants to make an outstanding Brulee crème, a propane torch may be a smarter choice.

The reason is that when heated, the propane flame is not concentrated in one place and escapes more evenly, resulting in less scorching. This will be suitable for those who are not very skillful or beginners.

A butane torch, on the other hand, is a suitable tool for creative and professional chefs. This is truly “a good helper” if you intend to prepare delicious grilled meats and desserts. It allows you to adjust the shape and size of the flame, spread or concentrated.

With butane torches powered by Piezo ignition technology, you just need to press the ignite, and the flame will go out when you close the valve switch. Depending on the needs of each person, the flame temperature can reach 1300 Deg. C.

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Also, the butane flame may not be suitable for bakers who need a moderate flame in their best silicone cooking utensils set because it burns so intensely.

One point to note is, the gas smell from these utensils can affect the taste of food. Users also need to remember to avoid using the dish when the torch flame turns red.

When in use, should increase the gas flow gradually until the flame is green and always ensure the maximum temperature possible. This is the hallmark of these torch tools, so you know this is the right temperature to make Crème Brulee.

Is It Safe To Use A Butane Torch To Torch Food?

Besides MAPP and propane, butane is one of the ideal safe fuels used in kitchen torches. To make the taste of the cakes become perfect and ensure the eating needs of yourself and others, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

Source: Evening Standard

If you burn the dish for too long, you will scorch it and lose its appearance. In case you torch the dessert with a flame that is not hot enough, you would not burn all the hydrocarbons in the fuel source.

At that time, the eaters can taste these fuels as they can transfer to the dish more or less. This does not affect your health, but it can detract from the perfect taste that you and other fastidious diners always desire.


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What Other Type Of Torches Are You Using For Crème Brulee?

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There are many types of torches for making desserts. If you do not have a butane torch, you can use other mini-torches at a specialized store.

Although one mini-torch can be heavier and more commonly used for construction, these torches can still ensure enough efficiency to burn your cake if users increase the fuel flow moderately and steadily.

MAPP and Oxyacetylene are the next two names that we want to mention. The flame temperature from these two fuels is much higher than the others; that’s why chefs prefer them because they want to save time burning their Crème Brulee.

To get the best-finished product, you should pay special attention to the fuel combustion process no matter what kind of specialized torch.

This is essentially a flame oxidation process. And the torch flame will change from blue to white when it reaches its maximum temperature. It is the ideal mark to achieve perfect burn in the shortest time possible and limit flavor contamination.

Also, if the flame is yellow or reddish, clean your torch nozzle and adjust it to release all the fuel. The flame appears blue, and this is when the gas begins to expand. Next, sweep and spread the flame evenly over the surface of the cake and increase the speed if necessary.

Where Can I Get A Cooking Blowtorch?

You can buy a cooking blowtorch at online retailers or grocery stores in shopping malls. If you are a beginner, then an expensive one is unnecessary for you. In the long run, specialized torches will be perfect for those of you who want to improve your cooking skills.


The torch deserves a place in the kitchen as it is a useful tool for enhancing the flavor of desserts. Among many types available, butane is a good fuel source in specialized torches. Therefore, taking advantage of the ability of a Butane torch to ignite crème Brulee will make the work of chefs simpler and more productive and bring a lot of new experiences to the gourmets.

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